I’m James Martini, a game designer and writer. This website features all of my work.

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  • Apricot and Fern

    Apricot and Fern

    Itch.io link In Apricot and Fern, have a relaxing evening exploring this cute cafe nestled deep in the woods. Talk to the patrons, who love to spend their time lounging, playing games, and chit-chatting the night away. Technology Timeframe 5 months Role Sole developer

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  • Stirring of the Soul Beneath

    Stirring of the Soul Beneath

    Itch.io link Play as the sailor Strauss as he charts the waters on a stormy night to deliver oil to lighthouses in desperate need of extra supplies. Keep your ship afloat and your stomach full as you explore the world, traveling from lighthouse to lighthouse, learning about the world, the sea, and the people who […]

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