James Martini

Game designer, writer


James Martini is a game designer and writer from Portland, OR, living in New York City. They are currently attending the NYU Game Center and expect to graduate in 2024. They work as a Quality Assurance tester at Major League Baseball’s Gaming and VR department.

As a designer, they love to tell stories in creative, often non-traditional ways. Despite playing a lot of games, they pull much of their inspiration from classic literature, with a passion for monster stories like Dracula, Moby Dick, and Frankenstein. They have a lot of experience with programming but tend to focus on narrative and visual design, with a lot of experience using post-processing and lighting in Unity 3D.

As a writer, James writes a lot of analytical essays and articles that range from personal essays to academic writing to short stories and poetry. Their topics range just as much, from baseball to math to literature. James loves to combine new topics and styles to explore new ways of presenting ideas through writing.

Get in touch

James can be reached by their email: jamesmartinipdx@gmail.com

They can also be found on the following social media