BYTE Devlog #12: Content complete

Let’s take one more look at the backlog:

Because I would like to have the Week 1 Demo fully completed by May 1, I wanted to make sure that I had all of the major content in the game for this week. It was a bit of a crunch but I got it all done. The game can now (theoretically) be played from start to finish. I haven’t actually done that yet, but I’m fairly certain that it’s possible.

Probably the biggest thing I added was the morning scene for Saturday. I hadn’t done this yet (because I forgot, oops :/), so I went in and tried especially hard to make it both Gothic and romantic. My biggest issue with the writing that I’ve already done is that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the language, so while it feels pretty 20th-century, it lacks a clear vision/tone that I would want to have in a game based on a Gothic novel. This scene, though, is very good. Like, really good. I’m super happy about it. It turned out really well.

I also made sure that all the necessary glue was in so that the player could from Friday to Saturday and make it all the way through the final battle and scene. This then goes to the credits, which then goes to the main menu.

I also finished up the vampire bride models and art (I’m not sure if I did this for last week, but it says I did it this week so we’ll say I did it this week). This art is among my favorite. The models are probably the best because I found a MUCH BETTER PROCESS for doing it. Instead of haphazardly free-handing the whole thing I actually, like, used a reference and it turned out really well. Imagine that. I’m not passionate about one of the bride’s artwork, but the other two portraits might be the best two portraits I’ve done so far. They turned out really striking.

For this next week, it will hopefully just be housekeeping. Making the necessary documents, the itch page, and the final presentation. I also need to do some bug fixing and UI work, but hopefully, that won’t take as long as the other stuff has been taking. I’m so very close to being done.

EDIT: I also added the music my sister made which rips and I’m so excited about it

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