BYTE Devlog #9: Sitting down

The majority of this week’s work was, admittedly, not spent doing any of the things that I said I would do but instead spent trying to create a system for my characters to sit down.

I keep writing scenes where I imagine characters sitting down and talking (in particular, all the scenes of Jonathan working), but I kept pushing off the sitting system, so I decided to go in and do now before I get too far without it.

The system isn’t too complicated; I basically just got sitting animations and, when necessary, spawn the character I want into the chair that I want. Nonetheless, the process required quite a bit of fine-tuning as I had to more or less guess where to spawn the characters because their origins are, most definitely, not centered on their hips (although figuring out how to place them based on their hips would be nice). It’s currently only working on the desk chair for Jonathan, but that was by far the most important to me because I need Jonathan to sit in that chair and work every single day (except the weekends, obviously. Jonathan is all about work-life balance).

Once I got the sitting system working, I went and added all of the morning and night dialogue sections for the rest of the game. There’s not much actual dialogue there now, but I’ll hopefully be able to flesh it out more as time goes on.

From here, I want to start designing and playing with the next battle for next week. I definitely want to brainstorm ways to make the second battle more interesting (maybe a new skill?), but also anticipate spending a decent amount of time trying to get controller input working in the battles, because that will be very important.

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