BYTE Devlog #8: Wrapping up some pieces

This past week on BYTE, I did a lot of miscellaneous little fixes and quality-of-life improvements to get the game up and running for the next section of content.

First, I made a lot of structural changes to the battle system to try and prepare it for actual integration into the rest of the game. Aside from adding Jonathan model into the battle, visually, it still looks the same (which is to say, not very good) but I refactored some of the code to make it more compartmental and make sure that actual characters in battle were executing their commands instead of just telling the battle manager what to do.

Then, I added a little bit of functionality to the enemies. Now, they actually destroy the decoys instead of just running around them all willy-nilly and I made it so that the enemy can now actually target the exact tile you are on instead of accidentally overshooting you every time. I also made it so that the end goal of the battle system sends you back to the castle and plays some dialogue based on whether you win or lose. You cannot currently lose right now, but I will probably add that in later, as necessary.

I also made a bat model and put it in the battle, but it’s not currently animated. I am unsure if I’ll get to animating it any time soon.

From there, I did a few different bug fixes and dialogue changes to make sure that the first two days are more or less completely functional now. They’re not perfect, but movement, dialogue, battles, and the day system should all be (hopefully) ready to throw in the rest of the days.

Lastly, I added in a few different sound effects. There is now a typing sound effect that plays when the dialogue scrawls, footstep sound effects when you walk, and door creaking sound effects for when you open doors.

For the next week, I would like to get the morning and night dialogue for all of the days that I have planned and make sure that it all works in the game. I would also like to maybe write dialogue that you can trigger by looking at things, like traditional adventure game flavor dialogue.

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