The Mariner, Lost then Found

(or, “The Lost Mariner, Found”)

The Lady I met while lost at sea
Held my hand as She tore my vessel in two.
As a child I always floated in water,
But suddenly, for the first time in my life, I sank.
I felt myself dissolve as I lost myself in Her.
No longer weighed down by my own weight,
My smile stretched all the way to the shore.

She took my face in Her hands
To remind me of the cold darkness closing in.
I thought myself lost before, but without my vessel,
She had convinced me that it had never existed in the first place.

I let myself continue to sink, knowing it was my destiny as a mariner,
But then I choked on the water.
This was not the plan.
I swam up, towards the sliver of light remaining,
Grasping at the sea foam She had left in my wake.
I pulled the straws together to form the start of a hull.

The moon grew larger above me.
As the vessel came together, the water grew fiercer,
More than my old friend could have withstood
But the foam held, greater than I could have imagined.
I surfaced and gasped for air, now on my new vessel.
The Sea carried me to the shore on Her back,
Leaving Her ship with me, to care for me for as long as She will live.
This poem was inspired by this doodle in the back of my notebook

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